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In a world where women and children are easy prey, Shamies Unusual Gifts and Gadgets is here to make everything alright. We provide 3D and unique items that are inaccessible anywhere else in Nigeria.

These include security gadgets like anti-kidnap kits, adult trackersand anti-lost valuables with real time tracking and monitoring. Our key finder and GPS wristwatch help you keep track of your kids’ movements and alert you if they’re in danger. We have self-defence gadgets for women and loud alarm key chains, necklaces and bracelets which prevent rape, domestic violence and other forms of attack. You no longer need an umbrella for rainy days: our anti-wet spray keeps you dry and leaves your white boots sparkling even in muds.

With Shamies, you have the power to create and control your own universe. We have fantastic and self-operating household wares, ultrasonic pest repellers, 3D projectors, and perfect gifts for that special occasion. What’s more? You get great discounts and free gifts! Stay in tune with your world. Shop at Shamies today.


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